James is a successful entrepreneur and world traveler, he has visited over 120 countries including the North Pole and Antartica, willing to share his stories with you.  His work included a 20 year relationship with the National Parks creating their “Official” interpretive magazine for Grand Canyon, Yosemite, and Yellowstone. Later he founded a mobile tech company which created “Pocket Ranger”, which became the “Official” App for America’s State Parks.

After he sold his company to Time Warner, he moved to the Dominican Republic to open Villa Cabofino Resort.  In three short years, it was rated in the top five private villa rentals by Conde Nast Traveler magazine for the entire Caribbean.  It was here James hosted a conference with the world’s top scientists, filmmakers, and National Geographic divers to produce the IMAX Film “Volcanoes of the Deep Sea“. Fun Fact: James Cameron, the director of Titanic, is the executive producer!

Kelly & James
Acoma Pueblo SkyCity


Kelly is a Native American of the Acoma Pueblo Tribe in New Mexico.  After a bout with breast cancer and breast implant illness.  Kelly came to full remission using natural remedies in lieu with chemotherapy.  Her interests have been deeply cultivated in organic foods, a farm to table diet approach, essential oils and living a sustainable lifestyle.  After overcoming all these obstacles in her life, she sought to de-package, de-wire and de-stress her life.  Now, with knowledge on healthy and sustainable lifestyle take form in Misty Moonlight, where guests can enjoy the vast wilderness as well as all the organic and medicinal fruits and vegetable the land provides.  

For a more in depth understanding of the Acoma Pueblo Tribe, we highly recommend these books “The Origin Myth of Acoma Pueblo” by Edward Proctor Hunt, a master piece of Pueblo Indian mythology; the oldest living civilization in the northern continent, and “How the World Moves” by Peter Nabokov, it’s about the story of Kelly’s great grandfather who was the highest chief on their reservation and traveled extensively in Europe performing Indian shows.

With James’ track record in celebrity Villa rentals and Kelly’ ancestral knowledge of sustainable living, founded Misty Moonlight Organic Island Retreat in a national park-like setting. Through all that we have achieved, we are now ready to share this incredible experience with you…

experience our organic and sustainable lifestyle

Papaya Plantation

Misty Moonlight is a chance to experience an exotic tropical sustainable lifestyle.  Come see our rare blue java ice cream bananas!  We also have an organic hydroponic system.  Farming responsibly while maintaining the local biodiversity is top priority (no use of chemical pesticides, use all natural solutions).

Enjoy our abundance of luscious tropical fruits that are available all year round, including pineapples, papayas, bananas, soursops, passion fruits, watermelons, lemons, limes, oranges, and coconuts.  Taste our rich and organic chocolate, made with cacao and sugarcane all from our plantation!

At Misty Moonlight, we are 100% off the grid, using solely rainwater that is purified and renewable solar energy. 

Illuminated by beautiful sunrises and gorgeous sunsets.  The nights are pure tropical magic, with the moon and stars dancing on the tropical warm waters, a chance for a complete renewal.  Island experience that offers comfort and relaxation for mind, body and soul,Eat, Pray, Love”.

Present in our bay, an exotic phenomena reveals itself like the mystical lights of twinkling fairies.  Small sea creatures beget their own light, living stars within the warm water glows, Biolumine-scence.  Taking a midnight swim with this luminescence creates an “New Genesis Effect” evolving into what God created you to be.


Baby Duran
We Love Amimals

we welcome pets!

We Love animals!  We have two friendly female dogs, named Beans and Duran and a cat named Oscar.  They are all free to roam the property.  We also have free-range chickens throughout the plantation, parrots, bunnies and pet lobsters. 

If you bring them a pack of hot dogs, you will become friends with the whole crowd, including the lobsters.  We are a pet friendly establishment, however if you are bringing your pet, they need to have up-to-date shots and should be friendly with other animals.  We can supply animal food for an additional cost. 

Extraordinary Experiences

We are Producers of Bocas del Toro, Boquete and Panama City Art Poster Maps.  We can offer expert local insights on the best restaurants, hotels, tours and hidden must see areas, just ask us!

We Love Panama! 

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