Retreats and activities


At Misty Moonlight we offer life changing holistic retreats, detoxifying cleansing, organic juicing, yoga and massage.  Life on the island consists of a diverse array of spiritual and holistic experiences ranging from meditation, silent time, nature walks and spiritual prayer among others.  In meditation you could be the only person on the planet, in your complete private area on the plantation.  Surrounded by the exotic sounds of nature.

Bathe in one of our seven sacred natural spring fed pools, snorkel, paddle board, swim, and unwind in the floating island around the bay.  Now close your eyes… Breathe… let your lungs fill with pure clean oxygen.

It is easy to keep up with wellness at Misty Moonlight  with our seven outdoor tropical exercise stations.  See “Spectacular Views” from our two miles of breathtaking private manicured jungle hiking trails, which lead up to “The Edge of Forever”, with an amazing vista of the entire Archipelago.

For you chocolate lovers you can make your own super yummy organic chocolate made with cacao from one of our two hundred trees.  Savor naturally made organic peanut butter cups, almond joy’s, you can even press the sugarcane juice, the taste is amazing.  If you’re a chocoholic, you found a new home!

We are available to hold group retreats up to 20 people at our location and nearby lodge.                              

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This Island Retreat Will Leave You Feeling Relaxed, Healed And Energized…  

“Misty Moonlight” Reconnect, Refresh & Renew


Our area is known for warm calm water, dolphins and spectacular views of Panama’s tallest mountains, framed by Chiriqui Bay.  You will find limitless options for activities, weather you want to walk the properties plantation, or hike the upper property with extensive manicured jungle trails and bath in natural springs.  It is one of the most amazing views from sea to the jungle and peace with nature, like no other.  Everywhere you look, you will be in awe…

A calm and serene way to explore the island includes making use of our two person kayak or local canoe (cayuga), stand up board, and floating island in discovering our true unique indigenous Indian village.  We are known for our spectacular views and sunsets, where you can snorkel. swim, and lounge on the beach.   

We can provide fishing poles, reels and spear gun, under water scooters: where you can glade with the abundance of marine life.  Scuba dive with, our mini tanks (must be certified).  For more of an adrenaline rush, go Ferrari sport tube towing and Banana Boat.  For an additional fee.

For your reading pleasure, we have the book “The Last Vovage of Colombus”, which features Christopher Columbus’s epic exploration of our very own Bocas del Toro Archipelago!  Evening fun play one of many extensive board games and movies.

Our property offers its own private tour boat to explore area attractions.  So every guest experience will be unique.  We have no roads: everything is done by getting around by boat.  There are a few local stores and two restaurants.  Guests are often astonished by this paradise, a place like no other!!! 

We may arrange personalized guided tours including Monkey Island, Paradise Beach and Indian Village, Red Frog Beach, and the Zapatilla Islands National Parks.  For an additional fees.  Bay Tour with exploring the jungle river, Dolphin Bay and Chocolate Farm and Bocas Town shopping and walking tour included in packages.

This Island Retreat Will Leave You Feeling Relaxed, Healed And Energized… Where Your Vacation Memories Will Linger In Your Thoughts For A Lifetime.  



Engage with a Non- Ordinary Reality

The incredible Lightness of Being

We are nestled directly inside a powerful energy vortex within a LEI line intersection.  The powerful frequency resonating here is undeniably felt immediately, and it is immersed within the enchanting jungle summit of the island.  This area is rich with mysterious lore from the local indigenous people and offers proactive spiritual, and inter-dimensional portals for your voyaging soul. 

With the new government revelations confirming UFOs do exist, we have had our share of sightings happening here on the highest peak of this island, at our observatory.   Experience of connecting with Inter-dimensional beings and experiencing real CE 5 contact.   As you will be transcending life as we know it: connecting back to your natural physical state.  

Our guests undeniably feel the powerful frequency resonating here immediately, and all agree, Misty Moonlight Resort  offers invigorating spiritual revival.  Your eyes grow sharper, your hearing gets clearer, and your mind gains focus, allowing a full natural cleanse.

At “The Edge of Forever” your limitless dream state manifests, and you create a beautiful new reality from your subconscious mind, you discover a deep sense of peace, as you enjoy one of the earth’s most beautiful and blessed places.

For Interested Guests, We Offer A Chance To

  • Stage a CE 5 meditation at our Observatory
  • Global CE 5 Facebook 
  • Cacao Ceremony in our Chocolate Forest
  • Natural Herb Healing and Fasting
  • Native American Spiritual Circle, Sweat Lodge Ceremony 
Steven Greer CE-5
Steven Greer CE-5
Cacao Ceremony
Cacao Ceremony
UFO Lookout Point
UFO Lookout Point

“We are here to heal, we are here to love, we are here to create a new destiny for this planet.”

“One of the most profound lessons that Native Americans have taught this entire country, is that human beings all of us, are part of nature. If we destroy nature, we are destroying ourselves.”

“The life of the land is perpetuated in the righteousness of the people.”
King Kamehameha III