It’s more than a place to stay, it’s an experience.  Prepare to throw out the schedule and just relax, learn and reconnect in this remote and breathtaking setting.  An exotic beautiful piece of the world that has comfortable amenities, Wi-Fi, Netflix, hot water, and super fresh seafood.  Kelly and James are great hosts, more like staying with friends…

John Kuhn   Delray Beach, FL   July 2021

We came to “Misty Moonlight” for a retreat.  Kelly is a real Native American and very knowledgeable about organic non-traditional healing.  Our week we did a juicing fast, yoga, silent circles, and talks by a local botanist on plants and natural healing.  We had a cacao ceremony with a local medicine man fabulous!  We had a pre-organized schedule the week flew by.  The last night we went up to the “Edge of Forever ” terrace, and the group meditated on Steven Greer CE 5 protocol to attempt a contact.  What a highlight!!!  We saw some unusual lights and movement in the sky, UFO.  What incredible experiences we had in just one week.         I highly recommend coming for a retreat at  “Misty Moonlight”.

Eleanor Boyton  Ogden, UT  May 2021

I’ve traveled to quite a few tropical places and this is hands-down the most jaw-dropping, magical and transcendental place I have experienced thus far.  The energy is serene; from the picturesque vista everywhere you look to the kind and warmhearted people.  Kelly and James are lovely; they both make sure you are comfortable and happy.  I am so grateful for the memories here that will last a lifetime.  I would encourage everyone to come here, as it changes you.  The property is entirely off grid and the air quality is so nice and pure, it is a great place to come and clean your mind, body and soul.  There is a strong energetic awareness you feel here, as it can’t be ignored.  I felt vibrations and high frequencies coursing through me being here, similar to Sedona or Mount Shasta.  I feel Kelly and James, sanctuary to be a vortex of activation for your spiritual body.  Absolutely magical!  I am beyond grateful! Love!

Samantha   Asheville, NC   March 2021

We spent almost three weeks at the EDGE OF FOREVER.  James and Kelly are excellent hosts!  They have a nice plantation filled with all kinds of fruits and vegetables.  We would go out and pick fresh produce to eat whenever we wanted.  Kelly is a warrior woman and the best boat captain in Loma Partida.  Luckily for us, James was perfecting his pizza making skills while we were there.  He, literally has the coolest life stories.  Even their animals were a delight.  Their dogs, Beans and Duran, would walk with us up and down the mountain like our own personal tour guides.  Each day was truly unique and we thank God for choosing “Misty Moonlight” as our vacation spot!!!

Shanna & Ignacio    Ecuador   February 2021

We had an amazing time at “Misty Moonlight”.  The place was just paradise: a beautiful suite with a view of the mountains on the other side of the bay, awe could see dolphins from our bed.  The over the water house with a full home cinema was amazing.  The botanical gardens, plantation, hiking trails and meditational spots were just fabulous.   The top of the hill offers the most dramatic views of the entire Archipelago.  The views from the top were breathtaking.  Being surrounded by nature on a remote island with such nice hosts and local indigenous people was a dream.  Kelly and James were really sweet and great hosts, they made us feel at home.  Thank you for this incredible opportunity to experience such a wonderful vacation!!!

Dimitrina & Jeroen   Bulgaria   June 2020

Yes, it’s a bit off the beaten path, but on the right path-real living. The beautiful sunset, the serene and tranquil water, the quiet of the day…WOW!  Variety of tropical fruits like noni, soursop, the-sweetest fresh coconut water… AHHH with fresh lime mmmm…  We could cook, catch the fish, or be waited on with super yummy, ocean to table meals.  We loved the botanical 15 acres and natural pools.  We got up early and did yoga over the most spectacular sea view imaginable.  Then back to a great breakfast with Geisha Coffee from Boquete, pancakes with fresh coconut syrup.  Plenty of privacy, James and Kelly are discreet hosts.  We loved it and can’t wait to go back again.

Louise Baradel   Annapolis, MD   Feb. 2019

The botanical gardens are well-manicured, natural spring pools, which was divine.  The property has its own cacao forest, which we made chocolate WOW!  This is truly a magical place.  The meal where incredible! The “VIEWS” are just breathtaking and sunsets are out of this world Amazing!  James and Kelly see that every detail is fully taken care of, we would come back here in a heartbeat.  HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT…

Spyros M.   New York   Aug. 2019

Misty Moonlight offers its guests not only a place to relax, but also an experience you won’t soon forget.  Off the grid, totally laid back, delicious meals, and friendly staff who end up feeling like old friends.  We loved playing with the two friendly dogs and cat.  The tours where diverse and great, meal delicious and the one day it rained we binged watch “Game of Thrones” in their jungle cinema lounge.  Family evenings with the board games, we recommend, “Throw the Burrito” for some good laughs.  Kelly and James make everyone feel like a celebrity…  We enjoyed every day of our stay…

Shelly Harrison   Texas   June  2019

They’re living a dream of their own private plantation.  Every morning we took a walk and had the two friendliest dogs, Duran and Beans as our companions.  We stopped to check for eggs from the coup, and then went up to the pools.  It hadn’t rained that much so they were mostly dry.  Relaxing in a hammock on the beach watching canoes go by, fish jumping, and amazing sunsets was the place for me.  Total Bliss!!!  We didn’t get a chance to visit the Zapatilla National Park Islands or the Indian village.  Hmmm, next time.  I am looking forward to going back again.  Exceptional!!!

Deb Leckron   Naples, FL   Nov. 2018