Are You Dreaming About Travels To Panama!!!

Did you know that 2.5 million people visited Panama in 2019 alone.  It is safe to say you are exploring a great country.  Although the pandemic plummeted the tourism industry worldwide, it is back on the rise.  In early 2022, Panama hosted the adventure next travel conference for the first time in Central America featuring trade and travel associations.

Travel to Panama

About Panama

Panama is a land that dares you to live for more, see more, taste more, feel more, and connect more in every moment.  It is a land that invites you to connect and transform far beyond what you imagined whether you come for a few days, weeks, months, or indefinitely like Kelly and James, the owners of Misty Moonlight. 

Panama is not the destination, but the journey to discover more of what truly matters.

Make unforgettable memories through an avalanche of inspiration and purpose in Panama.  Let the spirit of Panama unlock a sense of belonging.


Not convinced it is time to travel to Panama now.  We are not surprised.  At the same time, it is important you know that travel to Panama is looks up.  More tourist are seeking Panama as their travel destination.

When you travel, it is important to review the country’s requirements, airline policies, and what to expect in the country.  Some countries and airlines may require COVID tests, vaccines, travel insurance, and health pass forms. There are constantly changes happening in each country and airline.  As a traveler, it is your responsibility to review the official country sites to get the most of up to date information.
For Panama, visit Panama tourism and Panama immigration for the most up-to-date requirements for travel.
As of March 2022, Panama Requires
*All Covid restrictions are lifted in Panama
*Visa Required For Some Countries
*With Tourist Visa and or Passport, Most Countries allow tourists to Stay Up to 90 Days
*Round Trip Ticket or Ticket for Next Destination
*Customs form for entry to Panama
Now that your travel is booked, country requirements are met, and bags are packed, it is time to plan the adventures you will have in Bocas del Toro Archipelago.  Whether you are traveling solo, an adventure seeker, or looking for an incredible group experience for your family and friends, Misty Moonlight has you covered.



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